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Stuart Delivery Job London


What is Stuart? Are you looking for a full-time or part-time job in London?

Would you like to work on your own time and manage your work through your phone?

If yes, Stuart is here! You will pick up items and deliver them around London and make money as you go!

Working with Stuart in London

The great thing about Stuart is that it gives you freedom and flexible working hours! As a courier with Stuart, you will pick up and deliver packages on your own vehicle! You can ride around on your…

  • Car
  • Bike
  • Cargobike
  • Motorbike

Start riding with Stuart in London now!

The best part is that you are in control of your work schedule. Simply work when you feel like it!

Taking time off without having to ask anyone, does this sound unrealistic? It doesn’t have to be!

Stuart will pay you weekly, and you will keep all your tips. Unlike other popular delivery companies, Stuart couriers work with all kinds of parcels! This means that you might be delivering a take-away dinner at 6 p.m followed by headphones at 6:30!

You won’t need to adjust to Stuart’s speed; Stuart will adjust to your schedule! How much Stuart pays in London On average Stuart couriers make £13 per hour.

How do I apply for Stuart in London?

The process is very simple! Register yourself on Stuart’s website. Safety is very important for Stuart! So, you will have to attend a short onboarding session. When you are done, just pick up your free courier equipment and start delivering the same day! Expenses You will need to provide gas and maintenance for your vehicle