Scooter Delivery Courier Jobs UK

Starting work as a delivery rider is becoming more and more appealing, with flexible work hours meaning if you want to turn your back on the 9 to 5 then working as a motorcycle delivery rider may be for you. 

How do you apply to be a scooter delivery rider?

There are a plethora of options for you to choose from, with Amazon, Deliveroo, Pizza Hut, Uber Eats and many more expanding their operations in the delivery sector. 

You can select one of the many jobs offered above and from there once the company has received your information you will be required to provide proof of the ability to work in the UK and CBT certificate. 

Which Company Pays the Most for Moped Delivery Riders?

Each company whether it’s Deliveroo, UberEats, Pizza Hut or Just Eat has their perks. You will need to consider the following:

  • Pay structure: do the company pay by the hour or is it per drop
  • Tips: does the company allow tips and how much % does the rider keep
  • Insurance: does the company offer any discount or insurance

How does a delivery rider for Deliveroo or UberEats work?

Working for Deliveroo as a rider is pretty simple. First you need to have a smartphone, access to a motorbike and a right to work in the UK. 

Once the app is downloaded and you have gone through the checks made by Deliveroo or Uber then you are ready to go. Whether you are in Manchester or London, somebody is looking for their breakfast, lunch or dinner delivered to there door. Once they order you accept any gig and then it’s your job to deliver to their door. 

How much do Deliveroo motorcycle couriers earn?

Deliveroo offer competitive fees but along with most delivery companies no guaranteed minimum income. Deliveroo riders can earn £4.50 per drop averaging around £12 per hour in off-peak times compared to upto £21 per hour in peak times (Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights).

Remember: Delivery with a smile will help you collate tips. Deliveroo riders tips are 100% kept by the delivery rider. 

How much do Uber Eats motorcycle couriers earn?

Uber Eats along with most delivery companies do not offer a guaranteed minimum income. Uber Eats pays up to £3.30 per delivery or less during off-peak times. During peak hours this can rise to £7.30 per delivery. All jobs have a 25% cut taken from Uber.

How many hours do delivery couriers have to work?

The great aspect of working for yourself as a delivery rider for Pizza Hut, Deliveroo or Uber Eats as there is no minimum requirement to work a set amount of hours. You are able to work 2 hours per week and the next 20 hours. It’s up to you!!

What Scooter Delivery Licence Do I Need?

To ride legally on the roads in the UK on a scooter or motorcycle you need a CBT licence. This is a 1 day course in which you will learn the basics to riding a scooter. You need the CBT certificate to ride for Deliveroo, UberEats, PizzaHut, JustEat etc.

To book a CBT go to

How much does a scooter CBT cost?

All compulsory basic training ranges from £100-150 in the UK. Prices depend on location as the instructors overhead costs will vary. All RideTo prices include bike and helmet hire, insurance and instructor fees. 

To book CBT Training go to or select one of the following locations; London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Brighton and Sheffield.

What Insurance Do I Need For Becoming a Delivery Rider?

If you work for Deliveroo, JustEat, Uber Eats or any delivery company as a scooter delivery rider you will need special insurance for your motorcycle or scooter. Make sure that when investigating the prices involved with becoming a rider that you consider the extra cost compared to insurance for social riding. 

What Gear Do I Need to Become a Delivery Scooter Rider?

You do not need any specialist gear or clothing for a scooter delivery job, however, we recommend ensuring that you have a high quality lock for your scooter, warm clothing like these Richa waterproof gloves and Dojo Kiso Jacket and a Givi Tank Bag to store all your deliveries. 

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